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“Put your emotions aside and focus” – Kiddwaya advises Erica

Big brother Naija housemate and billionaire son, Kiddwaya has advised his lover Erica, to put her emotions aside and focus on the game.

Last Sunday, TolaniBaj, Wathoni and Brighto were the unlucky housemates to be evicted from the show.

According to Erica, TolaniBaj and Brighto were the only housemates she could gist and play with aside her lover kiddwaya, but now that they’re gone, she finds it difficult to cope in the house and she feels exhausted.

She believes the other housemates don’t like her, and it’s making her feel bad. Kiddwaya then advised her to put her emotions aside and focus.

“You can’t afford not to be focus, or any emotional ways you’re feeling about your friends or whatever. You’ve to just put it at the back of your mind that like I am here for a reason, i am this far in, i am no longer Erica from before. I’m a different kind of Erica, So you need to show that side of you, because people are watching you, and i want to see that strong independent Erica.

“You’ve been on your own for how many years now. So you can’t be here and feel exhausted. You need to show the strong side of you. Only 3 weeks left, put your emotions aside and focus. You don’t need people here, everyone is in a group already. The only people they like here is Dora and Ozo. You can’t trust anyone here.” he said.

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