Prophetess unleashes anger on video vixens she met during a roadside shoot

A prophetess has rained down holy anger on a set of unclad video vixens.

In the video posted on social media, the ladies can be seen nearly unclad on the set of a roadside video shoot.

Their choice of outfit seems to aggravate the prophetess who immediately warned them while incuring the wrath and judgement of God upon them.

She can be heard in the video speaking in tongues while also saying, if the video vixens do not cover themselves up they will walk naked on the streets mad, with a lot of vigor.

Prophetess unleashing anger on unclad video vixens at road side video shoot.

Some passer-by at the scene were very angry at her display, with one of them warning her sternly that she is not God. The prophetess paid no mind to him, walking away while muttering “Watch it”.

See some netizens reactions below:

@_Blaqstarr said: She dey vex for stripper wey no send her papa😭😭

@viccetti said: I support you mama. Swear for them 😁🤣

@the_tech_writer said: Fashion Police at work

@badboibilli said: Which person mama be this?😂

@mukwise said: Those yanshies are provocating 😂😂😂

@ebukaeditors said: The yansh provoke the woman

@OGBENI_BAMBAM said: All this Small Pikin no even get respect for elders again, see as them shut the woman up “You are not God” 😂🤣

@DIgbis said: Release the judgement upon them. Crazy elements

@LRDDVD1 said: Honestly speaking it’s a public space, you can’t be half naked ffs. What about children that are passing?

@LegendHarry__ said: Religious people and releasing the judgement of god on people they don’t like lmao 🤣 Dem no dey ever mind their business smh

@Iamoluwawelbeck said: Prophetess don see wetin her eye no suppose see 🤣🤣🤣🤣

See video below:

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