“Prophetess once said I will die at 35 if I don’t marry my ex-girlfriend” — Man recounts as he marks 39th birthday

Young man from Kogi State narrates how a prophetess warned his ex-girlfriend about his death if he fails to marry her before he marks his 35th birthday.

Citizen Nagaziman

Citizen Nagaziman narrated that his ex-girlfriend frequently visited prayer centres, which he found unappealing. At a point, she informed him that the prophetess had predicted that he will be wealthy in life but would die on his 35th birthday if he does not marry her.

Nagaziman, who is now 39 years old, expressed gratitude for his life on Facebook while celebrating his birthday.

Taking to social media to roll out stunning photos as he marks his birthday, he wrote;

“There was this girl I was involved with before I decided to settle down with Onyi Natasha. She was fond of going to prayer houses, she is probably reading this, visiting prayer houses was a major turn off for me and is still till date. So, one evening she called to tell me that one of her prophetess told her she is my wife, that if I fail to marry her I will be very successful but will die before my 35th Birthday. I do not take the God factor for granted, I will be 39 in a couple hours and still alive.” he wrote.

"Prophetess once said I will die at 35 if I don't marry my ex-girlfriend" — Man recounts as he marks 39th birthday

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