Home Entertainment News Prophetess Mary Olubori allegedly selling her saliva to her members for N550k

Prophetess Mary Olubori allegedly selling her saliva to her members for N550k

UK based Nigerian prophetess, Mary Olubori, is selling her saliva for £1000 (N550k) to her members, according to numerous social media users.

Prophetess Mary Olubori

According to the claims, the renowned Prophetess despite the Covid-19 pandemic, spits in water and serves out to her congregation for the sum of N550,000.

One post on Facebook reads;

London based prophetess Mary Olajuwon Iyabo Olubori sells her saliva for £1000 to her members .please ministers of God is this act bibilical? Strange things are happening in London oooo

Another post ion Twitter reads;

So in this COVID 19 , A prophetess is spitting inside Water for her members deliverance ? Or what am I hearing about Prophetess Mary Olubori ?????????

Prophetess Mary Olubori is the founder of Rock of Salvation Apostolic Ministry established 22 years ago.


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  1. It seems to me that when some pathetic Nigerians relocate abroad, they carry with them their amala-colored brains with them. And no matter how much they get exposed to common sense, decency, civility, societal mores, values, rules of engagement, societal code of conduct etc their amala brains never get a rude awakening. It’s like teaching a goat how to sing in an orchestra. It’s a hopeless situation.


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