Prophet Odumeje reveals why people call him “evil” after performing miracles

Popular prophet Chukwuemeka Odumeje in an interview with Vanguard has revealed why people call him ‘evil’ after performing miracles.

Odumeje miracles evil

This is coming a few hours after the prophet Odumeje has been dragged recklessly on the streets of social media for the death of popular comedian, Mercy Cynthia Mmesoma Ginikachukwu, popularly known as Ada Jesus.

According to the prophet, he is not a fake who siphons money from vulnerable church members all in the name of miracles. People call him evil because he doesn’t allow people to pay for miracles.

Odumeje miracles evil

In his words;

“I am not like some so-called fake prophets of today, who will chant in tongues, and make different incantations just to collect the last naira from you. And that’s why Gid cannot allow empirical signs and wonders to happen again in many Churches of today because they are full of falsehoods.

“They are active faking up tales that will attract the awareness of people to give up the last cash in their bags as seeds and even drop their cars.”

“And that’s the purpose why they are condemning and naming me evil because I don’t ask people to compensate me for my miracles. I try to verify everything to make people honor God.

People should not see the Lord as a second alternative and that’s what many congregations are doing today” he disclosed.