“Promise me when I make you famous you won’t compete with me in future” – Bobrisky writes as he unveils new mentee; plans to overthrow James Brown

Popular crossdresser and socialite, Bobrisky seems not to be backing out of the feud between him and his ex mentee, James brown as he unveils a new mentee who will overthrow James brown.

Following James Brown’s most recent breakthrough, Bobrisky has disclosed his plans to overthrow him with a new celebrity.

Bobrisky issues a caution to his new protégé in a recent Instagram post, urging her to pledge that she will not contend with him in the future.

Bobrisky also advised the lady not to let anyone pressure her into competing with him, as he did with James Brown after their incident at the Lagos Police Station.

According to the controversial socialite, the woman who appeared to be a die-hard fan has demonstrated her loyalty, but it isn’t enough for him to declare she won’t disappoint him in the future.

Bobrisky wrote:

@sassy_vtwins_ Promise me when i make you so famous you won’t compete with me in d future or allow anyone push you to compete with me. You have proven to me many times you are loyal but still not enough thou , Are you sha ready to be famous let do magic.”