Home News President Buhari Loses 100,000 Followers On Twitter As #UnFollowBuhari Trends

President Buhari Loses 100,000 Followers On Twitter As #UnFollowBuhari Trends

Nigeria’s number one man, President Muhammadu Buhari has lost so many followers on Twitter.

President Buhari Loses 100,000 Followers

The President lost a whopping 100,000 Twitter followers in just three hours after bestselling author, Reno Omokri, started a hashtag, #UnfollowBuhari.

At exactly 5PM GMT, Mr Omokri had tweeted via his verified Twitter handle as follows:

Dear Nigerians, If we all mean business with this #EndSARS movement, let’s send a strong message to General @MBuhari.

He has 3.5 million followers. If we all stop following him and he sees his Twitter following drop by 1 million, he will sit up. Who is with me? Let’s go there! As at that time, President Buhari had 3.5 million followers.

Three hours later, his following had reduced to 3.4 million followers.

Announcing the breakthrough, Mr Omokri, also known as #BuhariTormentor, tweeted as follows:

Dear Nigerians, When I started the #UnfollowBuhari campaign as part of my #EndSARS protest, some laughed. Well, look. In just 1 hour, we have reduced Buhari’s following by 100,000. Never underestimate your influence.

When Nigerians wake up, government will be afraid of us!

Below are before and after screenshots of President Buhari’s TL.

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