Pregnant woman goes into labour during photoshoot, video trends

A video that has captured attention online shows the moment a lady goes into unexpected labour during her pregnancy photoshoot.

The pregnant lady was already dressed for her photoshoot in a black turtle neck, with matching black leggings when the unexpected cramps and contractions set in.

pregnant lady labour photoshoot
Pregnant lady.

In the video shared online, the lady was seen groaning on the floor in pain as she clutched her protruding tummy.

She removed her wig in the process, and the photographer was heard encouraging her with words of comfort as she continued to bear the pain.

The lady revealed that she later gave birth to her child.

“I still slayed to birth sha. Mission accomplished,” she captioned the video.

Netizens’ reactions …

T the lady said: “When I’m in labour this month no one should talk to me until I give birth.”

Rose reacted: “I know she felt like the weave is causing the pain. Safe delivery mommy.”

@user7836794714824Dimma said: “She still wear leggings and turtle neck‚ God bless all mothers, safe delivery love.”

@neto said: “If TikTok no make me go he’ll fire eh nothing fit make me.”

@sky princess said: “Me laughing as am feeling pains too abeg ooo safe delivery to us all.”

User3365882709450 said: “2 days ago I was suffering from this fel thank God I delivered safely.”

Joycey reacted: “God will protect you and your baby my it is not easy this is how I feel three days ago my baby is alive God bless all mothers.”

@princess said: “I experienced this on Tuesday But that god my baby girl is here.”

Watch video below …


I still slayed to birth sha… mission accomplished 😂😂😂 #bigkhaizer

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