Portable, carries women and rarely pay tithes, yet God keeps blessing him – Dami perplexed

A Nigerian influencer and battle rapper, Dami questions whether it is factual that people who lead morally and spiritually pure lives are the only ones who will be blessed by God as he cites Portable as a case study.

He highlighted how controversial singer Portable indulges in multiple social vices yet still manages to be successful.

dami portable tithes God blessing blessed

Dami shared his musings on this while reacting to a post about the recent music collaboration between the British rapper Skepta and Portable.

He noted that Portable womanizes, doesn’t pay tithes and smokes, yet he still gets blessed by God.

dami portable tithes God blessing blessed

His words …

“I will never understand how the universe works, this dude is not even close to God, rarely pays tithe, fights, carries women, smokes, does every bad thing known to man. but here he is, God is steadily blessing him.”

Check out reactions that followed …

@faka_of_west419 commented: “What if it’s not God that’s blessing him”

@YOURTAILORBOY1 remarked: “Dey play ooo.. you fit bath soap ?”

@lolade_Olaiya penned: “How did you know he’s not close to God ? Because he’s always ranting online 😂”

@dat_vetguy commented: “Enjoyment wan wound the wicked 😂☺️”

@big_flexxa said: “Not God but life….you just have to realize that life Favor’s who he deems worthy regardless evil or good”

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