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“Poo in rubber bag, throw it to next compound” – Man suggests after killing snake in toilet

As the country enters fully into the dry season, more people continue to find snakes hidden in their toilet’s water closet.

"Poo in rubber bag, throw it to next compound" - Man suggests alternative means after finding snake in toilet

The awareness became more intense following the death of a young lady who was bitten by a snake while using the toilet.

A Facebook user suggested the use of a bucket as means of passing out waste after taking the life of a snake found in a public toilet.

“This What We Found In Endurance Ukuesan Toilet In Victory Avenue (Warri Stadium Back) This Evening, I Personal Took Courage To Hit Snake With Big Stick.
My Advice To Those that Live Around Warri City Stadium, Stop Pooing In Your Toilet, Please Use Pessu Market River.
Pessu Market River Is Safe Or You Do Flengi (Pooing In Rubber Bag & Throw It To Next Compound),” he wrote in a post.

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