“Please, I beg in God’s name” – Little girl shed tears, goes down on both knees as her aunt asks her to write No. 3

A young girl's emotional plea to her aunt has stirred strong reactions. She was in tears, begging in the name of God when asked to write the number 3.

A little girl has sparked reactions with her emotional plea to her aunt, crying and begging in God’s name when asked to write the numeral 3.

In a video that has gained attention on TikTok, the girl was shown pleading profusely in her native language, saying, “Ejo, mo fi olurun be yin,” which translates to “Please, I beg in God’s name” in English.

God's name Little girl aunt write No. 3
Little girl.

While the little girl continued to implore for mercy, her aunt insisted that she write the number 3.

Instead, the girl dropped to her knees and continued to beg for forgiveness.

The actions and words of the little girl in the video have captured the attention of viewers, leading many to share their thoughts in the comments section.

See some reactions below:

Arigbabu Oluwadam706: “‎She don surfer cos of 3, almost all children no Dey like to write 3. Next time pls don’t use cane.As she Dey cry and beg self tears no drop.”

kvnggambitdc: “‎She is scared of the Cain please next time be friendly with her she will write it. Don’t pull out Cain please I feel for her I remember when my dad use.”

yoelson69: “‎who’s voice be dat …Like Father, Like Daughter…(A ni o f’omo yen le). pls forgive her ooo.”

AJOKEbeauty: “‎How did this children know that they can use Anobi beg person nd the person go gree.”

Prince of Africa: “‎This boy should have beg you intori Ogun ati irunmole.”

Toplex Gold: “‎Take this boy to Pablo house to learn yahoo abeg leave ham na.”

temitopeolowoker4: “‎With all this comment, can’t stop laughing ooo, wahalai itosi si ungbon mi keee.”

Crunchy: “‎You don’t teach a child with those scaring instruments. This child is a brilliant child be cool with the child and see magic.”



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