People think I am my father’s ‘handbag’ –Actor Yul Edochie

People think I am my father's ‘handbag’ –Yul Edochie

Nollywood actor, Yul Edochie, recently shared a post to emphasise his position in the family by uploading a photograph of his elder brothers, pointing out that many people were not aware that he was the last child of veteran actor, Pete Edochie.

In a chat with Saturday Beats, the younger Edochie noted that even though he was the baby of the house, he was never pampered.

He said, “A lot of people think I am the only child probably because I am the most popular one and it happens often; they keep asking the same question.

“I just felt I should state it that I’m the last child of my father. Even as the last child, I was treated like every other child; maybe I got some special treatment as the last child.

“A lot of people used to refer to me as my father’s handbag. I learnt a lot from my elder brothers and when I messed up, they dealt with me.

“We grew up like soldiers, I wasn’t treated specially. My parents were very strict; they didn’t spare me.

“There are some qualities I would forever cherish that I got from my parents like respect and being prayerful.

“It is not easy to raise five boys; they are all graduates. We are all doing well in our respective fields; I learnt a lot from them.”

Edochie, who was recently involved in a fatal motor accident, appreciated God for sparing his life, adding that the incident has taught me him many valuable lessons.

“I was driving alone; I was close to Ore and the car swerved to the left and hit a culvert and went upside down.

“I believe it is a miracle; God still wants me around. It taught me that life is very short. I have been driving for over 18 years and never knew I was going to have an accident that day.

“People have been involved in such situations and lost their lives but I only came out with little scratches. It was God’s grace at work.”

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