Pasuma’s daughter, Aliyah graduates with honors from University of Illinois, Chicago

Renowned Fuji musician, Wasiu Alabi Pasuma, recently celebrated a significant milestone in his daughter‘s life as she, Aliyah Mofiyinfoluwa graduated from the University of Illinois Urbana Champagne in Chicago.

Pasuma shared a heartwarming video from the graduation ceremony on his Instagram account, expressing his gratitude and pride in his daughter’s achievement.

Pasuma's daughter, Aliyah graduates with honors from University of Illinois, Chicago

He wrote, “Haliamdulilahi Robin Al’amin, my daughter, Aliyah Mofiyinfoluwa Odetola, has just graduated with honors from the University of Illinois Urbana Champagne Chicago. Modupe Olohun Oba, anu nimori gba, kii shagbara” (Translation: “Praise be to God, my daughter Aliyah has graduated with honors… I give thanks to God“).

The proud father’s post sparked an outpouring of congratulations and well-wishes from his fans and fellow celebrities.

Many took to his comment section to express their joy and admiration for Pasuma’s daughter, Aliyah Mofiyinfoluwa Odetola, on her impressive achievement.

The graduation ceremony marked a significant milestone in Aliyah’s academic journey, and her father’s pride and gratitude were palpable in his heartfelt post.

See some reactions below: 

abebi_aro: “Congratulations to You sir. Iwo Olorun Oba, mo be o ninu aanu nla re, jeki awon Omo mi naa o se aseyori loju emi mi Insha Allah.”

pacific_63: “Pupsy Aliya congratulations.u have not see anything. This is just a rehearsal of greatness in ur household. When the real greatness comes,the world would be wow!!!More to come insha Allah.congratulations!”

tundeyy_a: “I learned something from this Oganla….. Try to build your children no matter how your colleagues are building many houses that your future.”

horitokeh1907: “It’s not the amount of money you keep in your account or the properties you acquired defines how wealthy you are, congratulations to Alh pasuma, you’re a proud father.”

temmy_business_world: “Congratulations to you sir. I love the way you are always there for your children. May you reap the fruits of your labour on them insha Allah.”

officialkunleshittu: “I blow you plenty kiss baby and I also use you as a point of contact for my children to come out in flying colors like this!”

larica_labamba: “Oganla, I’m your silent fan and I respect your personality. You invest so much in very important legacies at which many affluent personalities have failed to give their children. Congratulations to you and the entire family. I’m so proud of you. I pray you live long to enjoy all your hard labour insha Allah.”


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