Pastor Blessed reveals why his wife, Mercy Chinwo trusts him

Revered preacher, Pastor Blessed Uzochikwa hints at how he met his gospel singer wife Mercy Chinwo, and how they built trust in each other regardless of how long they are away from each other.

The couple who welcomed their first child sometime in 2024 continue to serve as an inspiration to many youth in Christ.

Pastor Blessed wife, Mercy Chinwo

In a recent podcast show, Pastor Blessed addressed the curiosity of some of their fans on how they met and maintained trust in one another.

According to the preacher, the foundation of their courtship was based solely on earning each other’s trust, hence taking away the thought or worry of infidelity in their marriage.

How I met my wife, Mercy Chinwo

“In the case of me and my wife, I was just doing what God has asked me to do; pastoring people and the church. I saw my wife doing what she is supposed to be doing. As my vision became clearer, she began to see me in her vision and I started to see her in my vision.”

Pastor Blessed on why Mercy Chinwo trust him

“Most of the mistrust we have in marriage now is because when you are supposed to be a priest in courtship, you stained it; that reverence is not there anymore. My wife can be anywhere around the world, she’s not bothered. She will tell you my husband naah! Why? Because of the way we carry ourselves in courtship and my wife is fine.”

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