Pastor Adeboye accused of prophesying his death for public sympathy

Social media critic, Daniel Regha accuses the prominent Pastor Enoch Adeboye and other Nigerian pastors of having an obsession for the spotlight after the preacher prophesied his death.

This comes following a subtle prophecy made by Pastor Adeboye, where he highlighted how his last hour on earth is going to be.

Pastor Adeboye accused of prophesying his death for public sympathy

The revelation has since sparked concern among followers and led to inquiries about the underlying motivations behind such public pronouncements.

Reacting to the prophecy of the death of Pastor Adeboye, Daniel Regha termed it an upsetting statement intentionally to garner public sympathies.

“Pastor Adeboye prophesying about his death is upsetting. Of what use is such info to the public? He might assume but what if rapture happens before then? Honestly speaking things like these are why people question Christianity. Nigerian pastors do the mast to be in the spotlight,” he wrote.

Daniel’s post sparked a wave of reaction from other users who agreed with him, while others ridiculed his point of view.

Reactions trailing Daniel Regha over death prophecy of Pastor Adeboye

lrdota said: “Rest, it’s not like he said the day he was going to die, he was just saying how he would love to go after he finished eating pounded yam which is he’s Favorite meal.”

SeniorManJoe opined: “Guy rest, Jesus also prophesied about His.”

IamEriOluwa said: “It’s ok for you and anyone to be upset. But the congregants that matters in the equation aren’t upset. And they are the one he’s speaking to. Not you. You and anyone annoyed by his prophecy can stay upset. Who cares?”

D_Ministar penned: “Honestly, Nigerian pastors be doing the most.”

Roy_O_Banon stated: “Mtcheew pastor wey nor fit predict two sure odd for person 👀.”

FlawlessDecor said: “Daniel will you keep quiet there. Your Chochochocho don dey too much and e don dey make you talk rubbish for mouth, don’t let God discipline you, my advice.”

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