“Parents don’t have money” – Brilliant boy who scored 9As in WAEC, 7As, 2Bs in NECO seeks help to further education

A concerned Nigerian, @iamowolewa, took to his X (formerly Twitter) page to seek help for Adeshina Shalom Ololade, a young Nigerian boy who is unable to further his education despite having scored 9As in WAEC and 7As, and 2Bs in NECO.

According to @iamowolewa, the parents of the said boy have agreed to keep him at home after he was withdrawn from school due to financial reasons, making it impossible for him to continue his education.

Boy parents WAEC NECO education 9As
Nigerian boy and parents.

He wrote: “Hello Nigerians, the boy here is Adeshina Shalom Ololade, he made 9As in his WAEC recently, his NECO result just came out too, he made 7As and 2Bs. His parents do not have money to send him to higher institution.”

“He is about to start his admission processes but no money. I have the authority of his parents to come out and ask Nigerians for help.”

“I appeal to Nigerians this morning to help this boy and not allow his brilliance to die just like that.”

“They are basically after securing a sponsorship for him even though they need money now to start his admission processing before any sponsorship for his education will arrive.”

I want to also add that it took the help of one of the parents of Shalom’s friends for Shalom to finish his secondary education, the father was tired at a point and asked him to withdraw.”


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