“Pablo and Pablet pikin don land” – Nigerians react to viral video of young girl

Nigerians have come out in numbers to react to a trending video of a young girl seen on the Tiktok app.

The video which was posted on the app, by an account, @Asister, shows the young girl of not more than 5 years old dressed in flamboyant clothes which many deem inappropriate for her age.

The young girl could be seen wearing flashy clothes, even sagging in some of them while holding an expensive iPhone.

“Pablo and Pablet pikin don land”, Nigerians react to viral video of young girl

The young girl’s account seems to be affiliated to another account on the Tiktok app, @thailand_fx, who many suspect might be her father.

Netizens reactions below:

@Joy🦋 said: Pablo nd pablet don born😂 Omo Buh I love the little boy🥰❤️

@Oma❤️Of❤️🤟🖇Tiktok ❤️🖇🤟🦋 said: Who else noticed that this baby is a gal❤️🌚😂

@ask _ of _ vera🦋 said: This baby get swag pass my Ex 😢😂

@His pretty😜 addiction🥴❤️ said: Small girl don first me drip😭😭😭😭

@Rubybills💎 said: Immediately I see pablet for comment section I nearly fall 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

@solutionbabylove💞💕 said: pablo don born oohhh… congrat😂😅

@𝔻𝔸𝕋.𝔹𝕆𝕐_𝕀𝔻😝🌹🚀 said: Pablo pikin say don’t play you’ll luuurrrrrrn😂

@Incomperablebae001 said: Small girl don first me wear white boxer 😭😭

Watch video below:


#CapCut ❤️🫂

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