Outrage as Oxlade shares chat showing restriction on Mohbad’s account

Up-and-coming singer, Oxlade faces criticism as he shares a chat received from Mohbad showing a restriction on the late singer’s account.

As the entertainment industry continues to mourn the loss of the young and talented singer, Oxlade decided to reveal a message he had received from Mohbad back in 2018.


In this message, Mohbad showered the singer with praise for his exceptional singing talent, describing his voice as extraordinary and expressing his admiration.

Regrettably, Oxlade did not respond to the Instagram message and, to add to the situation, he had also placed restrictions on Mohbad’s account.


Unknown to him, he shared the snapshot showing the restriction badge on Mohbad’s account. Oxlade immediately took down the snapshot, unblocked the late singer and posted a new screenshot of the same message.

Outrage as Oxlade shares chat showing restriction on Mohbad's account

How netizens reacted to the restriction Oxlade put on the DM of Mohbad

Soft Szn wrote: “Oxlade really restricted Mohbad on Instagram, and still has the guts to post his DM of 2018, like who tf does Oxlade think he is.”

Dr. Penking opined: “All Mohbad had for every artiste was love but they ignored him for no reason and hated him. Rema posted how he ignored him yesterday, and today Oxlade. You people were so busy that you didn’t see his DMs. How come you can now see all of a sudden? Disgusting folks. God will judge you.”

Queen Aeesha noted: “Is Oxlade okay at all? He destructed Mohbad’s account and still has the gut to post a DM he hasn’t replied to since 2018.”

Busayo Otebata said: “So Rema own even better. Oxlade actually restricted Mohbad’s account. Toor!”

Aunty Ada wrote: “I don’t know what to say about the music industry!! Too many fake people there. Mohbad was all about spreading love and support. Oxlade had him restricted on Instagram. And now you’re posting screenshots for what??”

David Chubuike stated: “Oxlade restricted Mohbad on IG, so he won’t be able to see when he has read his messages and when he’s online. So many snakes and fake people in the industry.”

Yemi Hazan said: “This Oxlade buy destructed Mohbad account but now sharing a screenshot of fake love. I just love how they are exposing themselves.”

Lotus Bun wrote: “Even upcoming dey restrict account. Mohbad suffer gan.”

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