16 Outdated Fashion Trends That Are Completely Ruining Your Outfit

Reddit Women Are Sharing Their Controversial Opinions On Which Outdated Fashion Trends Are Completely Ruining Your Outfit In Five Years, And Gen Z Might Want To Take Some Notes

The following generation will look back on this list as a source of fashion nostalgia for the 2020s.

Listen, I’m all for wearing whatever you want for as long as you want, but as much as I want to keep my enormous blazers and cozy nap dresses forever, I know their time in the sun will come to an end, just like the gauchos, ponchos, and colored skinny jeans of my youth.

In terms of skinny pants, Gen Z chastised millennials for wearing them indefinitely. But now, women have taken to the r/femalefashionadvice forum to analyze the fashions that will seem obsolete in five years, and Gen Z should take notes. Here’s what they said.

1. “Laminated eyebrows!” –RecipeForDisaster758

Outdated Fashion Trends That Are Completely Ruining Your Outfit
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2. “EVERYTHING checkerboard pattern. Tiny cat eye sunglasses. Comically tiny purses. Cottagecore puffy long dresses.” – [deleted]

Outdated Fashion Trends That Are Completely Ruining Your Outfit
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3. “The heels with the triangle flared bottom.” – EattheRudeandUgly

Outdated Fashion Trends That Are Completely Ruining Your Outfit
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4. “All the lavender and sun-washed bright green accessories.” – macramelampshade

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5. “I always see people laughing at how Millennials wore business casual clothes to the club (we did) and I think the current trouser and blazer trend for going out is going to be the same thing when we look back.” ā€”Thatsmypurse1628


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6. “All of the weird, trippy-looking patterns. I’m seeing a lot of tops, dresses, and pants in wavy checkered and squiggle line prints.” – lolahaze11

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“[They] will become dated pretty fast. Think of the chevron print from the 2010s.” ā€”LenniX

“What’s popular right now is essentially Delia’s catalog from 1998, and I’m kind of living for it because I couldn’t afford any of it as a middle school student. I’ll show myself back to the old folks home immediately. I don’t want to miss Bingo night. ā€”lizzillathehun85

7. “Those sandals with the one wide braided strap and square toe.” – trishyco

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8. “The wide pant styles (with fitted cropped top) will date clothing exactly the way that skinny jeans date the 2010s.” – LenniX

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9. “Iā€™m personally outraged at the comeback of low-rise jeans. I give it a year.” – absinthe00

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10. “Those A&F jeans with the asymmetrical zipper.” – nobody_likes_beets

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11. “Everything Y2K.” – weatherfrcst

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12. “Corset tops with the vertical line detailing and square neckline, much like the cup/sweetheart necklines ones are def dated to a few years back.” – mgdraft

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13. “Belt bags/fanny packs worn across the chest.” – herryx21

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14. “Nap dresses and its relative sister: milkmaid and prairie style dresses.”

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15. “Bike shorts.” – findingastyle

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16. “Scrunch bums.” – Many_Tangerine888

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Do you agree or disagree with any of the following predictions? What trends do you believe will have people saying, “Oh, That’s SO Early 2020s!”? Please let me know in the comments.