“Only yahoo boys and people with handiwork can survive in North Cyprus” – Man who lived in Cyprus defends Happie Boys

A man has explained why Happie Boys are justified in calling OPM pastor out as he speaks on how difficult it is to survive in Cyprus.

The man who claims to have lived in Cyprus stated that the country is far below Nigeria, as the living conditions there is harsher.

Man Happie Boys Cyprus survive

He claimed that it is difficult for Africans to get job in the country, and Happie Boys were justified in calling out their benefactor for not helping them out because there wasn’t anyway for them to survive.

The man went on to spill more about the standard of living in the country which makes it harder for jobless people to survive.

Watch the video below:

Reacting, thekyut_igbogirl said: “His telling us for free abi he Dey copy very dark man sentence”

lashman_x wrote: “Mumu dem send u go Cyprus to school”

iam_big_samy said: “Omo make everybody rest their time don expire whose next”

dbee_family stated: “The reasons why people cannot help someone who actually needed the help. In that Cyprus, Nigerians are living there and surviving”

feens_being_feens said: “His speaking fact I’ve lived there and | know exactly how it is over there in Cyprus”

chumargret wrote: “why them no talk say them no go go oga biko rest you no get talk”.