‘Online in-laws’ troop to Alexx Ekubo’s page to advise him never to accept Fancy back after apology

Some angry fans have advised Nollywood actor Alexx Ekubo never to accept estranged ex-girlfriend Fancy Acholonu back despite public apology.

Fancy Acholonu, the estranged ex-girlfriend of actor Alexx Ekubo made a public apology for the hurt and pain she caused the actor and his family. She also disclosed she still loves the actor, asking for a second chance.

However, it seems some fans are not happy about the apology of Fancy as many have trooped to the page of Alexx Ekubo to show him what to do.

Read some comments from fans below…

@Kingopacino wrote: You better not get back wit that girl!!!! City boys cannot take a L like this going into the new year! Stay strong my boy 🤝🫡

@P.crown also said:  Please don’t go back to that girl ooo, she’s a divorce case waiting to happen.

@blarescene also wrote; Keep walking ..don’t turn back to her ..hence u will turn to a pillar of salt..be a man

@zeelen also advised; Alex do not take that girl call fancy back , America girls head nor correct she will divorce you in the future if you take her back . She publicly broke up with you after an expensive proposal. There are better girls out there , she left you in a rented apartment now you have a new house 🏠 she want to come back please let her go find another man 

@penlover also commented: If you accept that girl back, I go swear for you… You didn’t deserve that national disgrace.. Be a king and move on!


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