“Omg i can’t believe this” – Netizens react as little girl patiently paints chicken’s nails (Video)

A little girl has attracted attention after a video of her using paint on the legs of a chicken was uploaded on TikTok.

In the recently uploaded video, the girl, whose face and name are neither seen nor known, sat down with the chicken’s legs placed on her lap.

Little girl and Chicken
Little girl and Chicken

She then patiently painted each leg one after another.

Also in the same video, the chicken appeared to pay attention and almost tried to show the girl its other leg as a sign of being interested in whatever she was doing.

Many individuals who watched the video have flooded the comment section to express their views about the little girl and the chicken.

See some reactions below:

@Amy Gabriel740: “omg i can’t believe this.”

@arielbaboolal: “Now how did she get Mr chicken to sit stilland he be like u forget 1 sistren.”

@swt_chocolate2: “The chicken was like you forgot dis one.”

@user37421324390272: “That has got to be the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.”

@Magdalene: “Mother hen is committed to the look. Just Fabulous darling.”

@el es mi hombre. es mio: “Who would of thought to do this? Genius.” 

@kayzbrielle: “am just imagining how she managed to convince the hen to that extent.” 

@Salami Asma’u: “The chicken was enjoying the pedicure.”



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