Oladips speaks on his rumored demise, insists he died and resurrected

Popular rapper, Oladips expresses disappointment over the fact that people continue to question his claim that he actually passed away and resurrected.

In a recent interview with Hip TV, Oladips discussed the “death hoax” and emphasized that, contrary to popular assumption, he actually passed away.

oladips resurrected
Oladips. Photo source: Google.

It will be recalled that last year, it was alleged that Oladips passed away, but was later reported to be alive as many claimed that he had only faked his death.

While speaking in the interview, he noted that he actually had a near-death experience, but people continue to express disbelief when he speaks about it.

He said:

“I came back to life to see all the chaos and disbelief. But what can I do? What has happened has happened. How many people can I sit with and explain to?

Because, obviously, a lot of people still think my death is a prank. Every time I tried to explain that it was a near-death experience and not a prank, people always show disbelief. But those who are close to me know that I died and resurrected.”