Okrika seller reveals juicy random items found in bales of clothes

A businesswoman who deals in used outfits importation better known as okrika documents the random items found in different bales of clothes.

Taking to her TikTok page, the businesswoman identified as @ritish_outfitss shared the different denominations of foreign currencies found in her okrika bales.

Okrika seller reveals random items found in bales of clothes

As if that’s not all, aside from the money found in the bales, she also found other items like earphones, gas lighters, torchlight and others.

“Random items i got from my bales,” she captioned the video.

The video has since generated a wave of reactions from social media who shared interest in the business particularly because of these random items.

Reactions as lady shares random items found in bales of okrika clothes

effedeborah said: “First thing tomorrow morning I’m starting okrika business.”

melanin_tinu added: “First thing tomorrow morning I won go carry bale🚶🏽‍♀️”

anuoluwah_xoxo penned: “That Korean money .. if you go bureau de change, Na you go still dey owe dem 😂.”

leeeymarrrrh said: “Everybody go want start okrika business now no worry na coin coin you don dey see.”

meet_pepenor wrote: “I go enter okrika business by next week I fit see 1million dollars for bra bale 😂.”

ajok.e301 said: “Be like I will start this business.”

Watch the video below …


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