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Off Season And On Season You Are Always A Winner At ILOT Ng

Off Season And On Season You Are Always A Winner At ILOT Ng

ILOT NG believes off-season and on-season does not really matter. If you would like to be part of those winning big at ILOT NG, because of the best virtual games and lottery games, you will never get a dull moment.

There are lots of football fans all over who never get tired whether losing or winning, they keep the spirit going and they are the die-hard fans, because they believe they will always win no matter the situation and it is helping them to win big at ILOT NG.

Off Season And On Season You Are Always A Winner At ILOT Ng

These are the rituals of football supporters. Those who, every Saturday (or Sunday), will sweat and shout and scream and sing. And after 90 minutes, plus added time, they will either celebrate or sulk. If it’s a really big game, some may even shed a tear.

Regardless of a win, lose or draw, they will swear that in the cacophony of the contest, their team, that result or that referee’s decision is the most important thing in their life.

It isn’t, of course. They will go back to work on Monday…finish off that report for the boss…earn a crust…get the mortgage paid. Only during downtime at the water cooler will thoughts turn back to their passion. But for an infinitesimal section of society, it is far more than that. Football is their livelihood.

Off Season And On Season You Are Always A Winner At ILOT Ng

It’s not a matter of life or death. But if that team, that result or that referee’s decision goes against them, the lives of their wives and their children are affected but as a die-hard fan, they will never relent because you may lose today and win tomorrow.

It is their full-time job to win money betting on the game. There are not many successful enough to survive. It is estimated, that fewer than 3 percent of gamblers who have what it takes to “go pro” can earn a living from betting.

No wonder they are a secretive, paranoid bunch. Never do they reveal exactly how they win their money or how much.


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