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OAP Joyce Onyemuwa replies a caller who advised on air that women in abusive marriages should emulate Jesus and endure it (video)



Nigeria Info host, Joyce Onyemuwa has scolded a man for saying women in abusive marriages should emulate Jesus and endure it.

Joyce, who was recently transferred from Cool FM to Nigeria Info, received a call on air from a man while she was addressing domestic abuse on her show.

The male caller aired his opinion on how women she handle a abusive partners. He advised women to handle it the way Christ handled his persecution, adding that women should emulate Christ.

Howvever, Joyce didn’t welcome his advise and she questioned the male caller why he can’t advice abusive men to emulate Christ and not hit women.

She said:

“I’m saying that, the example Jesus laid, he asked man to specifically emulate him. So, when I even say man, I mean man and woman. But the male in the marriage is not emulating Christ, so you called my radio station to tell me live on air that I, the female, should emulate Christ, but you, the male, you haven’t held yourself accountable at your failure to emulate Chris.

“So you want me to, as a woman, to take a man hitting me in the face.

“Once again, I say to you, if you yell at me, you might not even hit me, if you yell at me, I’m coming for you. If you talk rudely to me, I’ll come for you.”

The male caller replied: “Any man that hits his wife shows an immaturity.”

And Joyce interjected, “I thought you will call the radio station and tell the men to emulate Christ since you’re a Christian, but you’re not doing that. You’re telling the women to stay down and I’m telling the women get up!”

Watch the video below.

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