Nurse changes DNA results of kids, tricks man into divorcing his wife and marrying her

In an episode of TV3’s “Confessions” with Miss Nancy, viewers were left in disbelief as a Ghanaian nurse came forward with a startling admission of changing DNA results to break up a marriage and subsequently marrying the man in question.

The emotional confession, filled with remorse, unfolded a tale of deceit, manipulation, and the profound internal turmoil faced by the lady in question.

During the broadcast, the remorseful woman, whose identity was concealed, revealed the extent of her actions and the overwhelming guilt she now grapples with.

Working in a hospital, she confessed to taking advantage of her position to swap DNA results, falsely indicating that the children in question were not biologically related to the man.

This fabricated information became the catalyst for the dissolution of the man’s marriage to his then-wife.

The lady delved into the intricate details of her manipulative scheme, shedding light on her initial attraction to the man and her burning desire to have him for herself.

The false DNA results, strategically engineered by the woman, led to the divorce of the man from his wife, paving the way for their subsequent marriage.

However, as the shocking revelation continued to unfold, the lady expressed profound guilt and internal conflict, particularly after learning about the tragic demise of the divorced wife.

The ex-wife, haunted by the distress caused by the false paternity test, reportedly succumbed to the emotional toll of the situation.

I don’t know whether to continue with the marriage or not,” the remorseful lady said.

Netizens Reactions…

Gloria Peters said; “Thunder fire you there, such confessions shouldn’t be condoned at all, she should be exposed and face the full rigours of the law.”

Edward Kwame mentioned; “Most of these women are Christians.They go to church and pray for favour of God . God have mercy on us.”

Fred Senam Ahamey stated; “That’s why is always right to seek different medical opinions on the same medical issue.”

Prince Tutu Yeboah indicated; “Wicked and perverse generation, and I keep saying that know sin will go unpunished. May God have mercy on you.”

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