“No money, no love” – Lady details her motivation in a relationship

A young Nigerian lady sparks a buzz over her declaration about money being the only motivation that should inspire a lady to be in any relationship.

A Tiktok user identified as @creamybest took to the video-sharing platform to share her take on the dating pool.

"No money, no love" - Lady details her motivation in a relationship

According to the lady, the only worthy benefit in a relationship is money and without it, she does not bother herself with getting to know a toaster.

She further compared cute-looking guys to average ones, emphasizing how the latter are often richer and spend more on their women.

In her words;

“Let’s share ideas, what is actually keeping you in a relationship? Aside the sexual pleasure, money is the essential thing. Wetin I won love you for? I love ugly guys die! Ugly guys go take care of you. Fine guys, na only few of them get money.”

Reactions as Nigerian lady chooses money over love in a relationship

simbistar100 said: “She’s not speaking for all of us pls , know the difference between dating a girl and a classy lady , some of us are trying financially we jst want you to come with sense , love and loyalty 🙏.”

ibim.cookey penned: “Why do poor people always assume that rich people want to spend on them 😂.”

blessingdikeocha added: “The more I stay on the internet, the more I find millions of reasons to appreciate my parents 🙌.”

_callmebami stated: “Omooooo 😭😭😭😭😭😭 buh this century truly money does all the work and live takes credit for it. I’m a lover girl I love love and my prayer always is whosoever I love and end up with will never be broke;will never go broke so our love will continue to flourish.”

bigshout_ opined: “We need to start empowering our young women so they can be financially independent 😮.”

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