“No man is dating one woman” – Old woman reveals the year real love ended

A video featuring an old Nigerian woman has gone viral, sparking a wave of mixed reactions online due to her bold assertion that no man in a relationship is committed to just one woman and revealing the year when real love ended.

In the video, the grandmother confidently claims that this understanding is a sign of maturity for women.

The elderly woman, whose name remains undisclosed, emphasized her viewpoint by stating that even if a man appears innocent and monogamous, one should not be deceived, as he is most likely involved with multiple women simultaneously.

"No man is dating one woman" - Old woman reveals the year real love ended

“Maturity is when you understand that no man is dating only one woman, no matter how innocent he may appear. Real love ended in 1980,” the old woman said in the video.

The video has ignited a debate on social media, with various reactions pouring in from both men and women.

Netizens Reactions…

@youngskidmusic said; “Ahbeg if a man is dating one woman, and that type of man is said to have a spiritual wife. Please is that spiritual wife his lover too? 😑😑”

@el_daxxy said; “True love really don scarce… now marriage na game of thrones. Anytime wey you tire. You pack comot.”

@jaybaba009 said; “This mama used to be olo number 1 in her days… Her husband go don hear am for her hand… Well, she may be speaking from her own personal experience.”

@SleemMedia said; “Very true.. We all just wants something. The man wants sxx. The woman wants to be taken care of.”

@saintdemigod said; “Vice versa … now womenfolk come into this world now with more ball ⚽️ than men.”

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