“Nigerians see criticism as hate; I am definitely not a troll” – Daniel Regha

Controversial Twitter personality, Daniel Regha has asserted that he doesn’t perceive himself as a troll but rather, Nigerians are incapable of handling criticism.

Daniel Regha asserted that he is unquestionably not a troll during a recent interview on Channels TV, which was hosted by Ebuka Obi-Uchendu.

Daniel Regha
Daniel Regha

According to him, he doesn’t rush into people’s comment sections and start hurling insults at them. He asserted that he only airs his opinions in response to remarks or actions made by well-known figures and frequent influencers.

Daniel added that he doesn’t want it to appear as though he is coming from a place of shade, which is why he adds the phrase “No offence, No shades” to his posts.

Daniel also said his personal opinions are backed up with facts, which is why it references events that have happened before.

He claimed that since Nigerians interpret criticism as hate speech and individual viewpoints as trolling, everything he says is interpreted as hate speech or clout.


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