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Nigerians react after Wizkid sat on a plastic chair at Ilorin concert (video)



Nigerian singer, Wizkid, was at the capital city of Kwara state, Ilorin, on Christmas day to perform for his fans and things took a really interesting turn and Nigerians are having a field day about it on social media.

The singer thrilled his fans with some of his hit tracks and they sang along. However, one excited fan climbed the stage to give his hero a hug and before bodyguards could throw him away, Wizkid was heard saying ‘file, je ko hug mi, ofe ni hug’ meaning ‘leave him, let him hug me, a hug is free.’

Things went south after that moment. It appeared many fans took a cue from Wizkid’s statement to also jump on the stage to give the one and only Star Boy their own hug.

The bodyguards rose into action and started throwing people off the stage like bags of rice and even added bits of slaps to spice things up.

Then sometime during the show, perhaps as the night advanced, Wizkid was spotted sitting on a plastic chair, obviously exhausted.

The singer also posted a photo of his Nike sneakers in a very sorry state after what must have been an unforgettable night.

See some funny social media reactions and videos as well as photos from the much talked about Ilorin event below:

@Dehkunle: Forget bants ooo,this whole Wizkid In #Ilorin thing isn’t bad . Yes he was rough handled by fans that wanted to hug him but that’s normal for a star like Wizkid .No other concert has trended like dis no other hangout trended like #ILORINTWITTERHANGOUT. Ilorin 1-0 Other Cities

@Salamisweird: This is a typical reason why Nigeria I can never move forward, #ilorin has always been painted as that “DEAD CITY”. And now that things are bubbling and lively y’all hating talmabout “why would wizkid come to ilorin on Christmas” “what’s in ilorin” Mandem fuckoff!! #ilorin WE ON!

@VictorIsrael_: Ilorin people are rude I swear. A whole starboy sitting on a plastic chair. A whole Wizkid under canopy. Did he tell you people he came to write post UTME? ????

@RealDreylo; Wizkid went to ilorin and they gave him Plastic chair to sit on under canopy ?. Ilorin people are funny o. They think it’s Twitter Hangout ?. #ilorin

@_starbiola: Wizkid is a star, some of them haven’t been privileged to see wizkid, no one is taking about the love they showed wizzy, they rather focus their attention on some petty things that he sat on plastic chair yen yen yen and so fucking what. Better things are left unsaid.

@IsimaOdeh: Wizkid got N50 million to perform in Ilorin. Why e no go sit down for plastic chair. Money done enter e account.