Nigerians crowdfund for lady who does hookup to raise money for goitre surgery

A 26-year-old lady who resorted to a ‘hookup‘ business due to desperation to cover the cost of her goitre surgery gets crowdfunding support from well-meaning Nigerians.

The lady, whose identity remains unknown, was featured in a video interview conducted by the street comedian Comicmiss2 on Facebook.

Nigerians crowdfund for lady who does hookup to raise money for goitre surgery
Image Credit: Comicmiss2 / Facebook

Facing health challenges, she narrated her story in the widely circulated video, sparking a surge of compassion and assistance across various social media platforms.

In the interview, she explained that she did not engage in “hookup” for pleasure but out of necessity.

While displaying the swelling in her throat, she disclosed that she had been trying to raise money for goitre surgery since November 2023.

“I started in November 2023. I have made money but I have this health issue. This is the major thing that brought me to the street. To get money and pull it out. I know that God will surely help me,” she said partly.

She clarified that the funds she had accumulated were kept in her sister’s account, totalling around 150k as at present.

She mentioned that the last time she inquired, the surgery cost was N700,000, although she was unsure if there had been any changes to the fee since then.

“I swear on my mum’s grave, I will stop doing it. There is no life in hookup. Because I am doing it doesn’t mean that’s what I wish to do,” she added.

Nigerians have turned to online platforms, seeking ways to gather funds to assist the lady in covering the surgery expenses.

“We’ve raised only 36k. Guys please your help will go a long way,” she wrote in her last message on Sunday.

A swift review of the Facebook page belonging to Comicmiss2 revealed that the street comedian shared her account details following requests from numerous followers.

Some followers criticized her for sharing her personal account number and she clarified that she had been attempting to contact the lady featured in the video without success.

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