Nigerian woman in UK misses destination, insists driver take her back to bus stop

A Nigerian woman in the UK caused a scene as she missed her destination while insisting the driver must take her back to her intended bus stop.

This event was captured in a video recently surfaced on a popular social media platform.

Nigerian woman in UK misses destination, insists driver take her back to bus stop
Nigerian woman in UK demands return to misses her bus stop.

In the video, the Nigerian woman could be heard shouting at the top of her voice at the driver. While at it, she could be heard saying, “Take me back,” indicating the driver must turn around and take her back to her bus stop, which he had already passed.

The caption of the video also described the incident: “Nigerian woman in the UK misses her destination and asks the driver to take her back to her bus stop.”

The verbal exchange between the driver and the woman, alongside the nature of the incident, attracted individuals who have stormed the comment page of the post to share their thoughts.

See some reactions below:

Kay: “They will be doing this and blocking opportunities for others.”

BRP Thebe: “As for take me back! She can’t try this is South Africa dear.”

Adamz14: “The other woman is telling her that her husband is out already. That man must be a miserable man at home.”

Johnnyonebadboy: “I would like to see what would happen in Nigeria if you spoke to the driver like this some these people just think they’re entitled.”

Expatred66: “Deport.. we really should have zero tolerance for this ridiculous behaviour.”

rosemariepeach: “I was in South Africa for many years and the answer to your question is NO YOU WOULD NOT ACT LIKE THIS, YOU WOULDN’T DARE.”

Pearl: “Take me back? 😳I suspect we missed the story. May be they refused to stop for her.’

bonelessx: “slap her to restart her little clockwork in her head… to realize that she is not with elephants and monkeys but civilised world this arrogant fat karen.”

andyryan63: “perhaps her shouting ‘take me back now’ is a cry for repatriation?”



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