“Nigerian politicians are ‘Big time thieves’ compared to Ghanaian politicians” – Pere

Big Brother Naija reality star Pere Egbi has berated Nigerian politicians as he describes them as “big time thieves”.

This comment from Pere comes after Reno Omokri threw his support behind the announcement from President Bola Tinubu over the removal of fuel subsidies.

Nigerian politicians are 'Big time thieves' compared to Ghanaian politicians
Pere Egbi describes Nigerian politicians as thieves. Photo credit: Pere Egbi. Source: Twitter
Taking to his social media page, he wrote: “I just returned from Ghana. They are an oil-producing nation, like Nigeria. Yet, they don’t have cheap petrol like Nigeria. Petrol (Premium Motor Spirit) in Ghana is GH₵13.2 per liter at the official rate, which is ₦550. Ghana does not subsidize petrol. That is why they have enough money left to put other things in place, like power plants for 24/7 uninterrupted electricity, good schools, hospitals, etc.
“We can’t be pissing away our national wealth on an unsustainable fuel subsidy, which is mainly consumed by city dwellers who have multiple cars, and be surprised why we have infrastructural deficits.
“Lagos, Kaduna, and Abuja now have trains and commercial buses. Other states should follow suit. Nigerians who cannot afford the new fuel prices should be encouraged and helped by the government to acquire environmentally friendly alternatives, like bicycles.

While backing points with reasons, Reno disclosed that he just returned from Ghana where they do not sell cheap fuel and also do not subsidize Petrol. He argued that Nigeria cannot be ‘’pissing away” its national wealth on unsustainable fuel subsidies.

Reacting to Reno’s tweet, Pere argued that, unlike Nigerian politicians, their counterparts in Ghana are not ‘’callous and disgusting.” He went on to describe Nigerian politicians as ‘’big time thieves’‘. He added that though Ghanaian politicians steal from the country’s treasury, they still manage to get the work done.

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