Nigerian man’s friend reportedly earns ₦1.2 million from Notcoin tapping

A Nigerian man and his group of friends have joined the tapping movement after one of his friends reportedly made the sum of ₦1.2 million on Notcoin.

This was revealed in a post he made available on a popular social media platform.

Nigerian man's friend reportedly earns ₦1.2 million from Notcoin tapping
Nigerian man’s friend reportedly earns ₦1.2 million from Notcoin tapping.

In the post, a group of boys can be seen with their phones, tapping on the app with the hope of earning big like one of their friends.

The caption of the video also helps to describe the situation revealed in the video. The caption reads: “After my friend made ₦1.2 million from Notcoin.”

The caption alleges that the man had already made the said sum tapping on Notcoin, which prompted several of his friends who heard the news to join in tapping with the hope of also earning big.

In reaction to his revelation, concerned individuals stormed the comment section of the post to share their thoughts.

See some reactions below:

smithbillionzz: “i don’t stress my self anymore since i am using Auto clicker.”

Ekele: “guy be sincere to me did people actually made money on notcoin.

Ab Christopher: “this mining don cast. but is it really paying?”

Chus Dwayne: “make una dey sharp the link 🔗 na why people stingy like this?”

Eric styles: “afa bro how do i start i downloaded the app i don tap tire he nor enter dollar.”

Ahm S kenneth: “omo my tap swap no dey open since yesterday.”

Ralphdental clinic: “I made $10, 000 😁from notcoin, I’m glad I didn’t call it scam, that was how I ignored Bitcoin 2013 when you can mine for free then, ignorance made me poor back then but notcoin made me stand back.”

sölømóñ: “I fit carry person own go 1m within 2sec.’

Choco Queen: “i have tap up to 40th. but I don’t know how to withdraw it.”



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