Nigerian man unveils new way of washing dishes as he washes dirty plate with bathroom water closet, causes stir

A Nigerian man has unveiled a new way of washing dishes as he was seen placing a dirty plate in a bathroom’s water closet.

In the video, the man was seen carefully placing the white plate into the water closet, after which he pressed the button.

Nigerian man washing dishes dirty plate bathroom water closet
Dirty dish.

The water closet immediately processed the plate, after which the man opened it and removed the now washed and very neat plate.

The man’s action in the video caught the attention of many people due to the unconventional use of a water closet to wash a plate that would be used for meals.

See some reactions below:

gway90: “‎I don’t eat at my neighbor’s house.”

Giles:“The fact that we buy take aways online and don’t know how and what happens. as long as I don’t know , I don’t care. I’ll eat.”

user7550305458877: “‎I’m a cleaner but trust me this is how I wash my dishes at the restaurant.”

Pro Khalusha: “‎I’m telling some1 is going to do it and dish for visitors no guys aaaaiii.”

tevodon11: “‎that’s why mi nuh nyam a pple yard eno. not even my yard. one 7bills food out a Jackie shop.”

Palpatine: “‎a person who thinks all the time has nothing to think about except thoughts.”

British _157_model: “‎that is why i don’t eat from ppl all if i do i know who to eat from.”

mo3mar: “‎the fact that we are all saying that we won’t eat in other houses , BRO I FORGOT WHO I AM WHEN I SEE THOSE DISHES.”



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