Nigerian man returns after 5 years in UK, shockingly discovers his elder brother fathered two of his 3 kids

A Nigerian man, identified as Joseph, has been left in a state of confusion and heartbreak after discovering that two of his three children were fathered by his elder brother.

The shocking revelation, shared on Facebook by Gistlover, has sparked widespread reactions on social media.

Joseph, who had migrated to the United Kingdom on a visiting visa, left his wife and three children in the care of his elder brother.

Throughout his five-year stay abroad, he diligently sent money back home for the construction of a house and the upkeep of his family.

Upon his return to Nigeria to arrange visas for his family to join him in the UK, Joseph was required to conduct DNA tests as part of the visa process.

These tests revealed that only the first child was biologically his, while the other two were fathered by his elder brother.

In his words;

“Good day maimedia,

“My name is Joseph, I have travel to UK for over 5 Years now, I left my wife in Nigeria bcos I travel to the UK via visiting visa, I can work over here but I can’t Travel to back to Nigeria without getting my papers ready here.

“I have been working so hard here sending money to my senior brother to help me build my house and take care of my wife and our parents.

“I have 3 children with my wife before I left Nigeria, so now my Document is ready I travel back to Nigeria to take my family to the UK. I got to Nigeria to see my wife and my children and the building my brother helped me with,
When I got home, My brother took me to the building, very beautiful house, I was very happy, I requested for the documents of the building, all documents was in my brother’s name, I was shocked.

“Secondly after processing the visa for my wife and children, embassy request for DNA test of the children, only the first born belongs to me, the 2 children belongs to my same elder brother.
I was shocked, shattered and confused.

“Everything was shock to our mother, My wife beg me but I see my wife and my brother as my enemy.

“Our family begging me to still continue with the visa processing for the 3 kids and continue marry my wife, but i am confused.

What Can I do?

Netizens Reactions…

Ujunwa Chinyere Nwosu said; “Dear Lord grant us marriage without divorce grant us faithful and loyal partners amen.”

Phlexzo said; “I say ehnnnnnnn! Wumi must do DNA sêh! “Na Ògun go Konk anybody wey dey support Yur refusal to doing it. “She loved Mohbad so much during his time being alive we know, but we need to be super sure, that Liam is his son.. PERIOD!!”

Isiaka Musiliu said; “E be like say unah dey craze for that family continue which visa…only my biological son is going with me, my bro can keep the wife and the two children and for the house we will talk about that later. Let me go back to UK in peace first.”

Minister Chinenye Nnadi said; “That woman isn’t meant for you, and believe me if you go ahead and continue with the marriage she’s going to team up with your brother and wipe your memory away completely There’s nothing to be confused here , just take your only son along with you and pray to God for a good woman to marry period.”

QUAND RSA said; “Dear Lord, may we never enter a marriage we cannot explain and may our spouses never become the burden we carry in marriage. Amen.❤”

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