Viral News Nigerian man recalls waking up to US hospital bill of $245,000 ...

Nigerian man recalls waking up to US hospital bill of $245,000 after 7 days in coma


Nigerian man recalls waking up to US hospital bill of $245,000  after 7 days in comaA Twitter user with the handle @dollycent took to the platform to recount how he woke up to a hospital bill of $245k (N88m) after 7 days in coma at a hospital in the United States.

While appreciating God, the young man revealed that he went into coma after he drowned in 2011.

“On this exact day in 2011, I got drowned. And after 5 days in an unconscious state, 7 days in ICU. I miraculously woke up to a $245k medical bill. Thank God I survived.”, he tweeted.

Read his full story below;

July 20th 2011,a message came from a friend that she dreamt i my head i was like WTF?!

july 21st 2011,had a second messsge from another friend that he also dreamt i died.then i knew it was something to pray about.

july 23rd..days after these revelations..the unusal heart literarily stopped on the field after just 5mins playing soccer.

july 26th.was in church to give thanks to God as i tought that was the victory over death…perhaps not!

The the real story started 3 days later..after my summer school.all i do was try to write my books,watch movies,play video games and do all sort to enjoy the 3weeks break i have before school starts again.

then came friday the 29th…a day i will forever remember for the rest of my life…was on my computer at about 6pm when a friend came and asked to help with taking his sister to school in University of California Davis but then i live some 50miles away,since i was bored i agreed to go with him.then we left,his sister,Myself and another friend Pancras.we got to Davis at 7pm.but while driving another friend had called to say we shld hit the club that night in Davis since we all doing nothing.and yes we agreed..for me its been over 2 months since i last went to the club so i guess that was a perfect timing to kick start my break.

At 8pm we left to eat at 10pm we left subways taking a 15 minutes walk back to the hostel where we had dropped the girl off.we had barely walked for 10minutes when we saw this gathering of people at the community cool we decided to check it out.that apparently would have been my last party!

we agreed to cancel our clubbing for that night and just chill out at the pool party.then at 10:20pm..i had my 1st plunge in the water came out 15mins later.walked around then took my suposedly final plunge at about 10:45pm but little did i know that i was at the 15ft end!..was so stupid not to have read the signs.i’m not a good swimmer so as soon as i jumped in i knew in my head,Dolapo this is it!.i was struggling to get out but i had already hit the bottom.i took splits seconds to say my last prayers and then say a sorry to my mum before i eventually blanked out.

When i opend my eyes i had myself in the ambulance…looked at the time it was 11:06pm the paramedics were trying to talk to me.could hear them but i wasn’t able to move even a limb.i remember when i got to the hospital the doctor had me taken to the EEG(ElectroEncephaloGram) scanner to have them scan my head to see if there was any damage.As soon i i was taken out that was when i went unconcious.

The next time i woke up was about 7:06am on wednesday.that is some whooping 104hrs!.i missd alot in those 4days.the most notable was a match i had looked foward to between manchester united and barcelona!. i ended up watching the highlight almost a week after!.smh.

waking up was hell because i had this two huge medical hose down my throath(see the picture accompanying this post).one running to my stomach nd the other to my lungs.i wrote on a paper asking the nurse twice to get it off me but she kept lieing and asking me to wait few more minutes.i watch her take a walk then i took it off myself!and yes that was a dangerous thing to do!.was so neuseatic that i kept throwin up the remaining chlorinanted liquid i had taken a fatal dose of from the pool.

I wasn’t allowed to eat anything till the next day and the nurse kept tellin me i was so lucky to be for that long in intensive care and still pull me life in the ICU aint fun.i had all sort of syringes,wires and always taking injections in all part,the most scary was on my stomach..geez!.

i had my first meal in 6days on thursday at 9am.was sooo hungry that i ate the donut and milk as though it was my last supper!.left the ICU that evening to the regular ward..and was dischardged 4pm on friday the 5th of august 2011.

A whole week in ICU hmmm…but then i give Glory to God!

I will like to specially thank those who came to see me at the hospital,i know i gave u guys a scare lol and all those that sent me messages.what i learnt in those 6 days was that in the real battle of life…death is constantly a challenge.and we all have a shot at it..rarely will you see people have more than one shot.i was just lucky to be given a second chance!.we just have to live a good’s a freakin thin line between life and death!

as i recuperate from the after shocks because i think am so hydrophobic now that each time i see a glassfull of water i tend to wanna run!.lol..and with about a quater of a million dollars charged by the hospital it was a huge price to pay!.but then also God shew himself strong and i did not have to pay a single penny.

i promise however to live my second life better and appreciate life some more!


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