Nigerian man packs his bag and flees after spending 3 days doing house chores alone in parents’ house

A Nigerian man has shared his reason for running away from his parents’ house without spending up to a week.

The young man identified as @wisdomnkue on TikTok lamented that they wanted to kill him with chores because he chose to visit them.

He went from frying garri to grilling garri and fish then to pounding pepper before he decided to leave the next day.

He wrote: “POV: You decided to visit your parents.”

The comments section was filled with reactions from netizens who found it hilarious that he didn’t say up to one week.

ELITES USHERS said: “Swear say garri nor dey that bag.”

Ever reacted: “This is my story came back on Wednesday hoping to go next week Sunday but no i dey go this afternoon.”

Wakkie said: “You no even stay for 1week Italawa tire you on Thursday? Haba na.”

Eunice Ibanga Akpan said: “Why your distance between the mortar longgi like that.”

Baby Girl reacted: “You no reach Friday???”

Dah Real Debbie reacted: “After he don see pepper on Wednesday why he no go run.”

Sharon Senge reacted: “Na y I no want go weekend be this and my papa just called cuz it’s weekend.”

ELMA said: “U no come complete the week.”

Watch the video below:



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