Viral News Nigerian man killed in hit-and-run accident in US days after sharing a...

Nigerian man killed in hit-and-run accident in US days after sharing a cryptic post


A 32-year-old Nigerian man identified as Steven Austin who hails form Imo State, has died after a hit-and-run accident in the US. This comes after he shared a cryptic post about living upright.

The young man died on Sunday, July 12, in the South Natomas neighborhood of Sacramento, according to the information made available on the GoFundMe page created by his friends.

Sacramento police say they responded to reports of a hit-and-run and when they got to the scene, they found Austin who was pronounced dead.  The police later revealed that they have found a car involved in a hit-and-run that left Austin dead.

Days before his death, Austin shared a cryptic post with his friends on Facebook about living an upright life before God.

The post shared on June 20, read: ‘This time of uncertainty should Cement us to the Certain & Constant GOD.’

Friends while mourning his death, remembered him as a jovial person who was always there for them.

“He always had a smile on him,” said Cuma Ugbogu. “He always said something that would make you laugh.”

“Steven was one of those people who opened his door for me. He welcomed me as a brother,” Ugbogu told FOX40. “He is a jovial spirit. He’s one of those people that his presence is charming.”

“If you hung out with Steven, he would make you happy,” said Mohammed Jagun.

They also revealed that they’re working to return his body back home to his family in Nigeria.

“And at this time, his mother has already buried her husband and she buried a son and now Steven,” Jagun said.

“It took his death to ask myself this question, ‘How many times did you ask Steven, how are you doing today?’”, said Ugbogu. “He brought so much joy you didn’t even know what was going on within him.”

Police are asking anyone with information about his death to contact them.


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