Nigerian man insists his kind of woman must kneel to serve him

A Nigerian man has been dragged heavily after coming online to disclose the kind of woman he wants to spend his life with.

He emphasised that whoever wants to be with him should be ready to go extra mile in proving her love and respect for him.

According to him, the woman must be able to kneel down to serve him food and water whenever it’s time to eat.

“If you cannot kneel down to serve me food, kneel down to serve me water then you are not my kind of woman,” he said.

Cherry208 reacted: “It’s always these types 😂.”

Herbal_affairs_empire said: “See head, be like ikorodu gberigbe road.”

Iam_ddr commented: “Shey na for inside this heat wey you dey person go still dey kneel down serve you?”

Belleza_ng reacted: “Person wey look like God forbid self Dey talk. Talaka oni karamo.”

Veronicasdaughter added: “He has the right to demand any kind of woman. There are women who do not see any issues with this. The problem is in making sure he finds them. Imagine him now marrying an Igbo girl whose knees are very far from the ground by culture o! Whose knees touch the ground for marriage. Make him ensure say e go provide every thing the kneeler go need like Bush meat, lion skin and things he got from the forest as Dinta.”

Watch the video below:

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