Nigerian man details scary encounter as Police arrests him at 2:am, falsely accuse him of fraud, seizes his phone, car

A Nigerian man who is a Lekki resident has shared a harrowing account of his encounter with police officers in Lekki, accusing them of brutality, harassment, and attempted extortion.

In a statement, the victim described how he was stopped by men in black clothing, claiming to be police officers, while driving on Orchid Road in Lekki around 2 am.

Nigerian man details scary encounter as Police arrests him at 2:am, falsely accuse him of fraud, seizes his phone, car
Nigerian man falsely accused of cybercrime, arrested by Police at 2am.

They seized his car keys, phone, and forced him into an unmarked bus without plates, threatening to beat him up if he resisted.

Throughout the ordeal, the victim repeatedly asked what his offense was, but received no response.

He was driven to a police station in Amuwo-Odofin, where he was detained and pressured to sign a false statement accusing him of fraud. He refused, despite threats of violence.

The victim, who had previously experienced a similar incident at the same police station in 2020, expressed outrage and frustration at the recurring police brutality and harassment.

He questioned how long this would continue and worried about the fate of others who may not have the support he received from his management team.

The victim’s car was damaged during the incident, and he is still shaken by the experience

His statement: “I’m distraught & still in shock. Stepped out around 2am to drop something for a friend at Orchid road in Lekki, Some “officers” in full black holding guns double crossed my car, ordering me to park & come down.”

“With no questions asked, they collected my car keys and started pushing me into their small bus (korope) with no plates, took my phone from me instantly while forcing me to wear handcuffs. I kept on asking them one question throughout this ordeal, What is my offense?”

‘They successfully dragged me into the bus after yelling at me & threatening to beat me up & started driving past lekki, one of their officers drove my car behind & I kept on requesting for my phone to inform my people of my whereabouts; all I was getting was threats & insults.”

“After about an hour drive, i discovered we were at At a police station at Amuwo-Odofin & I recognized it ASAP because they did this same thing to me in 2020, they beat me up & detained me for no reason back then at this same place.I realized I was reliving my past trauma.”

“Eventually, they tried forcing me to write a false statement claiming I was into fraud & I refused, they kept on threatening to beat me up claiming I was being stubborn and I wasn’t released till later in the morning since midnight when my team members tracked me to that place.”

“For how long will this go on? If not for my management, what happens to other people who have nobody to help them out? These same policemen have been doing this for over 4 years & going scot free, I’m still in shock about my ordeal tonight.”

“It’s so sad to see the Nigerian police system very messed up. Here’s a screenshot of the tracker they were using to figure out my location.”

“The officer that drove the car broke the front light & left scratches on the car. Naah I’m too upset, I do not deserve this AT ALL!!”

The police authorities have yet to comment on the incident, but the victim’s account has sparked widespread outrage and demands for justice.