Nigerian man advises DJ Cuppy over the colour of her teethA Nigerian man has taken out time out of his schedule to advise DJ Cuppy to go for teeth whitening over the color of her teeth.

The advises came after she shared a video of herself lamenting after Arsenal lost to Chelsea in the Europa League final.

The young man took a screenshot of her crying over the loss and highlighted her teeth to show they are not clean.

He then went on to advice her to go for teeth whitening which shouldn’t cost more than a million which is within something she can afford.

“Dear DJ Cuppy, I don’t mean to be rude, but teeth whitening procedure can never cost up to 1million Naira. I’m sure it’ll even cost lesser abroad. You are a multimillionaire and a figure, you need the white teeth and you can afford it. Don’t be stingy please. Thanks. Love you.”


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