Nigerian lady who was at the verge of being deported from Canada shares testimony

A young lady called Ogiator Joy has celebrated the first anniversary of migrating to Canada in a poignant TikTok post, as she shares testimony.

According to the young lady, she started her journey on March 23, 2023, and encountered several challenges.

She recalled encountering difficulties with her visa application early on, risking losing her chance to remain in the country.

But she claimed that with perseverance and hard work, everything worked perfectly to her advantage. As reported by, she said that upon arrival, an error with her study permit at the airport nearly caused her deportation.

Nigerian lady who was at the verge of being deported from Canada shares testimony
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She also added that because of her visa issues, caused an unanticipated and protracted inability to work for seven months.


She claimed that despite this setback, she persisted and the problem was eventually fixed.

🍁 Today marks my one-year anniversary in Canada! 🎉 It’s been quite the journey since I arrived here on March 23rd, 2023. It hasn’t been easy, though. I made some mistakes in my visa application and had a close call with almost losing it. But thankfully, I managed to fix things up. Then there was that mix-up with my study permit at the airport, which meant I couldn’t work for seven whole months! Can you believe it? But hey, eventually, everything got sorted out. It’s been a real rollercoaster ride, let me tell you. Despite the challenges, I was able to land a co-op job, even if it wasn’t exactly what I hoped for. But you know what? I learned a ton from it. And now, I’ve finally found a job that aligns perfectly with my life’s mission: making people happy and spreading joy. I’m incredibly proud of myself for staying strong and holding onto faith during the tough times. And it’s not just about work success. I’ve made some amazing friends here who feel like family. Big shoutout to my classmates, professors, and my real family for their unwavering support. And I can’t forget to thank God for blessing me with this opportunity. Here’s to another year of adventures, growth, and hopefully fewer bumps in the road! Cheers to Canada and all the wonderful experiences it has brought me! 🥂 #OneYearInCanada #Grateful #NewBeginnings

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