Nigerian lady who has never traveled outside Nigeria before stuns many with her foreign accent

A Nigerian lady, Morenikeji Temitope Moroundiya, who resides in Osogbo, Osun State, has caught the attention of many online after a video showcasing her foreign accent went viral.

The video, initially shared on TikTok by user @modern.prankster, captured Moroundiya speaking with a flawless British accent, leading many netizens to question the authenticity of her background.

However, Moroundiya swiftly addressed doubts about her origins, confirming that she has never traveled outside Nigeria and is not a deportee.

Nigerian lady who has never traveled outside Nigeria before stuns many with her foreign accent

Hailing from Lagos, Ibadan, and currently residing in Osogbo, Moroundiya’s remarkable accent left viewers astounded, with some suggesting she must have spent considerable time abroad or had British heritage.

In her statement, she clarified that her accent is a natural gift from God, acquired solely from her experiences in Nigeria.

Despite the skepticism surrounding her accent, Moroundiya shared her personal struggles, revealing that she has been single-handedly raising her two children since her husband abandoned them in 2014.

With her children aged 20 and 10, Moroundiya disclosed that she works as a housekeeper to provide for her family, relying on the support of her parents to make ends meet.

Speaking about her hardships, Moroundiya emphasized the challenges of balancing her role as a mother and provider with limited financial resources.

“I’ve not been to the UK before. My accent is a gift from God. I have two children and it’s been really hard taking care of them as a single with just a home-keeping job to bring food,” she said.

Netizens Reactions…

Socrates said; “If she claimed that she hadn’t been to any Western countries, then she probably had worked with white people here in Nigeria.”

peggy 123 reacted; “It does happen to people overnight. Their accents changes all of a sudden.”

Messi said; “I have been in UK for almost 3 decades my accent is not half as good. wow…that’s a gift.”

magda said; “It is possible she was born in the UK or lived there before she moved back to naija.”

billGee105 said; “Make she go de call cl for boys. She go turn millionaire.”

TINUSOLLYUNISEXSALON reacted; “I have a cousin who hasn’t travelled outside Nigeria. but his ascent is so confusing even to pronounce my name Atinuke, you have to listen well.”

Abi Adejugbe said; This accent can pass in the Uk there is an hint of the Nigerian variation. But her former life must be in England.

Sylvia reacted; “She is blessed, see me struggling to speak what she is speaking over here in UK. I can barely hear them at work na so so come again and sorry I dey use wound dem.”

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