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Nigerian lady recounts struggles as she celebrates one-year migration to Canada

A Nigerian lady, Lois Tarikabor, has taken to social media to recount her struggles while celebrating one year migration from Nigeria to Canada.

According to Lois, her move to Canada to further her education wasn’t exactly, a smooth one.

She revealed that her parents couldn’t sponsor her tuition abroad since they were making some financial investments and had assured her that they’d be able to do so in 4 or 5 years time.

Not satisfied with this, and realizing that although her parents had really done enough for her, she had to take the responsibility of sponsoring herself.

Lois stated that things began to align for her and eventually she was able to secure a visa to Canada with her parents paying her one way ticket, giving her one month allowance.

From then on, she had to begin working hard for herself, taking on multiple jobs to make ends meet.

One year and many hot tears later, she bagged a degree in Communication and couldn’t be more happier.

Read her full narration below:

“Today makes it exactly 1 year since I left Nigeria for Canada to further my education. A 22 year old self funding with just $250 paid in tuition, $10,000 in debt already and a lot of faith that God said he would help me.

2 days ago, I graduated & this is my short story.

My parents had said sadly, they couldn’t sponsor me at the time because they were making some financial investments which I was aware of and extremely justifiable. However, they were going to be done in 3-4 years and I felt handicapped to have to wait that long to move my life.

An offer was made to do my graduate degree in a Private Nigerian University but having travelled out and seen the difference with how “COMMUNICATION” is perceived outside the country in its entirety, “I” didn’t see Nigeria as a place to get that degree.

The grind started! getting jobs, working through school, a side business, tears and lots of tears, trusting and believing what God told me and other things he continuously showed me.

Summarily, the graduation happened one year after and I don’t know how he did it.

B.Sc International Law and Diplomacy Graduate Diploma Communications After self teaching myself for 5 years plus, one book and two online magazines after, I got a degree to make my COMMUNICATION pursuit official and now it only gets better from here.

So this is me telling everybody out there that if you push hard enough and partner with God, if you decide to take your life literally as your life, the universe WILL ANSWER FAVOURABLY. God didn’t say it was going to be easy, he just promised not to leave you in it.”

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