Nigerian lady cries a river as Spyro gifts her N1 million

A Nigerian lady goes emotional in a viral video online as popular Afrobeat singer, Spyro gifts her a generous sum of N1 million.

The lady, who goes by the name, Favour said she woke up this morning, Monday, November 13, to a credit alert, something she had never received before, and it left her speechless.


In an emotional video, the young, aspiring actress expressed how lucky she feels and how much she will always appreciate Spryo for showing her his affection.

The artist responded to Favour’s video as he revealed why he gifted her N1 million.

He observed that she consistently shares images and videos of him on her story, at minimum three times a day.


He further disclosed how, during his most recent journey to Abuja, she had to wait hours in the rain just to meet him.

Spyro observed that this was his way of returning the favour to the young person for her love of him and for having such a lovely soul.

Spyro’s reason for gifting Favour N1 million

In his words: “Congratulations once again @success.m.favour… I will add 800k to make Im and this is why..

“Noticed her earlier this year as she never gets tired of posting me, she posts me atleast 3 times a day on her story and she doesn’t even care whether I repost or not she just keeps posting, she went ahead to open a fan page also posting aggressively up there… I was in Abuja for a show,she came all the way and stood in the rain just to meet me. I asked my protocol @ojowire “who is this girl in the rain wearing a vest with my face in front of my car” they said she is here to see you i immediately told them to put her in the 2nd car and she kept following me all through the event,she wouldn’t Let me out of her sight *Lol…yesterday I announced a give away and as I was going through the comments to pick winner,her name dropped in my heart and I knew it immediately that it was her day congratulations girl you are now part of my family and do not hesitate to reach out anytime in need… and oh I see the pic frame of me in your house Oshey, Love you girl.”