Nigerian lady cancels Bolt ride after driver called her “darling”

Alma Asibobi, a Nigerian lady, has shared on her page how she canceled a ride after a bolt driver called her “darling.”

The young lady took to her Twitter page to share her experience with the Bolt driver after ordering the ride. The lady expressed shock after the driver referred to her as “darling” and hence, had to cancel the ride.

In her words;

“I ordered a Bolt in PH, and the driver called me. I said, “Hi, good evening.” Driver: “Hello, darling, how are you doing?” Me, completely bewildered: “I’m sorry, what did you say?” BD: “I said, How are you doing, darling?” Darling ke? I just hung up and canceled the ride,” she posted on Saturday, November 11.

“I don’t think anything has left me this speechless in a long time. Darling, as in how? From where to where? Port-Harcourt please.”

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