“Nigeria is the only country you can go to bed poor, wake rich” – Abroad based Nigerian insists Nigeria is better than America, UK, Canada

An abroad-based Nigerian man argues that Nigeria is better in terms of opportunities than most abroad countries like the United States, Dubai and others in certain aspects.

A TikTok travel content creator identified as @travelandlifestyle.1 made this assertion while endorsing a man who ranked Nigeria higher than the United Kingdom.

Abroad based Nigerian insists Nigeria is better than America, UK, Canada

In the video, @travelandlifestyle.1 addressed critics who disagreed with the ranking, suggesting that only those who have lived abroad would truly understand the comparison.

He pointed out the relative ease of starting a sachet water business in Nigeria compared to the rigorous requirements in Dubai and other countries where a license as expensive as N2 million, a standard shop equipped with CCTVs, and other essentials is required.

Additionally, he highlighted the smoother process of starting a business in Nigeria, unlike in the United States and Dubai, where government regulations can pose challenges despite extensive support for their citizens.

Reactions as Nigerian Man Abroad vouches for Nigeria as a better country than America, UK, Canada

holar-Wale said: “Mumu man come back home.”

Nana Adjoa said: “So what is stopping him from coming home, talk talk like this but when u to vacation u don’t stay for 2 months, stop the advice no one will take it , unless the person didn’t get visa.”

VICTOR said: “Nigeria is better than USA and your in car making video enjoying your life na God go punish that boy.”

may27 GEMINI said: “His right the problem Nigeria has is bad leadership Nigeria is the best place in the world I always told people but they don’t believe.”

numberonefanofnigerianmusic said: “I have always known this, just by instincts. I don’t like stress n fear of stray bullets.”

Mishack.O G said: “My brother as you’re telling them this they will not believe you they don’t know I know Nigeria is hard but Nigeria is still good I’m telling you.”

Watch the video below …


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