Nigeria police accused of advising man to retaliate against abusive wife

The Nigeria Police Force faces accusations of encouraging a man to engage in domestic violence with his abusive wife after a series of complaints at the station.

A user on the microblogging platform ‘X’ identified as @Baaboosa1 called out the Nigeria Police, asserting how they performed poorly in their duties.

The user claimed that a man who reported his wife for domestic abuse was allegedly advised by the police to retaliate by hitting her back.

He further asserted how advice to quit the marriage would have sufficed other than gearing him up for war against his wife at the expense of their lives.

“Nigerian police are bad at all their jobs. This man gets his wife arrested every time she hits him. Now, the police are advising him to start hitting her back. They didn’t tell him to leave her o, they gave him an advice where one of them is likely ending up dead,” he wrote.

Nigeria police accused of advising man to fight abusive wife after many reports

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